The Pledges

POWERful Women is working with companies committed to gender diversity to reach the targets we have set for 2030.  Pledge your support for advancing the professional growth and leadership development of women in the UK's energy sector by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">



"If we do not commit then we shall not get there as an industry. I currently have 37% women and I will do my utmost to increase that to 50% in the coming years .. 2020 will be a stretch but we shall try" Ceri Powell, EVP Upstream International Exploration, Shell


SSE are serious about the progression of women with a target to increase the amount of women earning over £40,000 from 11% to 25% by 2025


Cuadrilla pledges that at least 40% of our middle management will be female by 2025 and that we will support, through our community donations programme, initiatives which encourage more young women to pursue STEM subjects.


UKOOG pledges to offer active support and guidance all members in order to develop an employment culture that attracts, supports and promotes women at all levels and all areas of the onshore oil and gas industry.

thumb Igas

IGas Energy PLC commits to the development of our female workers through initiatives such as internships, apprenticeships, mentoring, continued professional development and leadership masterclasses and aspires to women representing 40% of Senior Management by 2025.

Alstom will continue to grow and develop its Women's Network. Alstom's UK President will personally support the POWERful Connections mentoring scheme

British Gas pledges to increase the number of female engineers including through supporting at least 50 female engineers and apprentices on career development and launching a new mentoring programme

Centre for Leadership Performance will commit to raising the engagement of girls the Dream Placement programme to 50% by 2016

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy will commit to women representing 44% of Senior Civil Servants by 2017 and 50% by 2025

DONG Energy will commit to reaching over 30% of women in management roles by 2020

Building on the recently achieved goal of 30% of women in the company's senior leadership succession plans, EDF Energy pledges to actively support these women and increase female representation in all talent streams

E.ON will commit to increasing the number of women at senior levels, building on the growth in recent years, with targeted development, internal support networks and mentoring

First Utility will commit to increasing the proportion of female executives to 30% and the proportion of women in senior roles to 40% by 2020 (within 5 years)

Building on the company's existing 50:50 board, Good Energy is now aspiring to create a 50:50 Senior Executive team and Head of Department roles over the next five years

Linklaters have an aspiration to have 30% female board membership by 2018. We also aspire to have no less than 30% of new Women Partner promotions from now on.

Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) pledges to exceed the POWERful Women's goal of 30% of board members being female

RES will commit to develop its existing mentoring programme to include more women, in order to increase diversity in leadership and senior management

All Scottish Renewables offshore conferences will include at least 30% female speakers, panellists and chairs

The Trillion Fund will pledge to always have 50% female representation at all levels.

My 2016 Pledge to Women - Amber Rudd MP

The secure, clean and affordable energy system we are building needs a new wave of female engineers. I want to inspire the next generation and champion the role of women in energy. I support initiatives such as POWERful Women which seeks to advance female representation in the sector.

To make a pledge please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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